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About Us

Introduction to Company

Sanrhea Technical Textiles Ltd (STTL) is an IS0 9001 : 14001 certified, Gujarat, India based, manufacturer of RFL Dipped Fabrics and a range of Nylon & Polyester-based Heavy Industrial Fabrics. It offers best-in-class product solutions for India’s leading Tyre, Conveyor-Belt and Rubber Component & products manufacturing industries.

Placed amongst the three leading players in the field, this Stock Listed Company is a part of a highly reputed Industrial group of Western India involved in Textiles and Engineering, with a consolidated annual turnover of Rs 1,000 crore. LUBI, the flagship engineering arm of the group, is one of Indias largest manufacturer of Pumps.

Starting off its corporate journey in Industrial Textiles as a small convertor in 1997, Sanrhea today has grown into one of the most reputed and established manufacturers of RFL Dipped Fabrics in India, with a current installed capacity of 180 tons per month.It envisions the future as a continuum of qualitative and quantitative growth, one empowering the other.

About The Director

Our Chairman and Director Mr. Tushar Patel started Sanrhea Technical textiles in 1995, long before technical textiles were recognised as an integral part of Indian textile Industry. The visionary is an MBA from George Washington University with a long line of family in textile.

Originally started as a conversion facility, Mr. Tushar Patel spent years studying the product on the shop floor. With the support of a sound technical team and his in-depth knowledge of the product, he built Sanrhea Technical Textiles, to become market leaders in the industry. Mr. Patel believes in the strength of superior quality while working hand in hand with his customers to reverse- engineer and innovate niche products that benefit the industry globally. 

Mr. Tushar Patel

Chairman and Director