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Chafer/Breaker Fabrics

Sanrhea offers the industry finest RFL Dipped Chafer Fabrics, with technical parameters far superior to all competing brands. Woven in widths up to 183 cm with ultra-sonic sound-cut & sealed edges, these are optimized for the Tyre Industry.

The company manufactures Wicking, Non-Wicking, Monofilament & Black Dipped Chafer Fabrics. Its Chafer Fabrics are also Supplied to Conveyor Belt-makers for Breaker Applications. Sanrhea has also developed Rip Check Breaker fabric, widely supplied to India’s best Steel Cord Conveyor
Belt Manufactures.The company also manufactures RFL Dipped Tacky-Tapes in various specifications for Bead Wrapping and other similar applications.

Specification of rfl dipped nylon mono chafer fabric

ChaferBreaker Fabrics_table_img