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Dimensionally Stabilised Square Woven Fabrics

Sanrhea’s dimensionally stabilised Square Woven Fabrics are certainly the first & perhaps the only quality choice available to the Inflatable Rubber Products manufacturers and manufacturers of rubber products for Automobile Components. Sanrhea is the only company that manufactures & supplies Brake Diaphragms to all three globally approved manufacturers of Brake Diaphragms of India, and also exports the same to overseas customers.

It is also the only company in the country whose fabrics are approved for Inflatable Floats & Boats to be supplied to the Defence forces.
Sanrhea’s Diaphragm, Impression & Float Fabrics are made in a range of fabrics woven out of Nylon 6, Nylon 66 and EP (Polyester/ Nylon) & EE (Polyester Polyester) in widths up to 183 cm for RFL Dipped Fabrics, and upto 4.5 meters wide for Greigh Fabrics.

They are supplied as Dipped or Heat-Set, as per customers choice.
The company also makes and supplies a range of specially designed/ tailor made fabrics for various other critical applications in the Rubber and Marine industry.

Dipped Nylon 6.0 & 6.6 Fabric Specification ( Diaphram Fabric )