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Conveyor Belting Fabrics

These account for about 50% of Sanrhea’s product output, and the company is one of the only two approved and established suppliers to both the reputed multinational companies having conveyor belt manufacturing facility in India.

These are made in N6, N66, EP & EE, and supplied in widths up to 183 cm and thicknesses up to 1500 GSM.

Sanrhea also supplies Black Dipped Fabrics for customers requiring so. The company can weave and dip fabrics up to NN400, and the entire range of EP Fabrics up to EP650. Backed by approvals from the finest conveyer Belt manufacturers around the world, and drawing on its rock solid foundation of technical expertise, the company has been posting a fast growth rate in the sector. Sanrhea has commenced commercial export on a container load basis to UAE, Europe, Iran and Serbia.

Conveyor Belt Fabrics Specification

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